1st National Dialogue on Re-inventing our Nationhood and Formal Unveiling of SoapboxNG
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Who We Are

The Initiative for Dialogue and Development (IDD) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-religious people engagement organisation,

designed for informed conversation on inclusive governance and development issues in our diverse and multicultural society. We are deeply concerned impassioned Nigerians committed to working in a consistent and dynamic manner, to restore hope and rekindle equity, rule of law, unity and progress in our nation.

Our Vision

Citizens steered towards the culture of dialogue, popular participation, consensus building and good governance for a constantly evolving sustainable development.

Our Mission

To raise a robust public platform for national dialogue(s) on critical issues of our nationhood, nation-building, and national development.

Our 10-Point Charter

  • A strong belief that Nigeria shall remain one country;
  • A hope and conviction that Nigeria is capable of emerging a truly great nation under God;
  • A clear recognition that Nigeria is a multicultural society, where every citizen is respected, made and seen to be free, equally and fairly benefit from the resources of the nation;
  • A collective endorsement of the inalienable rights of every citizen of Nigeria to live and operate freely in any part of the country without fear of molestation, intimidation and ethnic persecution;
  • An understanding that the unity, peace, success and progress of Nigeria are embedded in the collective appreciation that every section of the country has something unique to offer and should be given the opportunity to contribute that quota in building the nation in a balanced atmosphere, free of rancor and strife;
  • A resolve that justice, equity, and fairness are fundamental elements that engender love and encourage a strife-free nation for sustainable development;
  • An acceptance that only in the insistence of purposeful, accountable, and transparent leadership can Nigeria excel and become globally competitive;
  • An acknowledgement that the potentials of the present generations of Nigerian youths have not been given due opportunity in leadership and to use our platform to advocate for youth inclusion in political leadership;
  • A recognition that the culture of hate has permeated the psyches of Nigerians and the fabrics of our society; therefore to deliberately promote, advocate and inculcate a replacement narrative and mindset of love of country, love of one another and love of the brotherhood;
  • A commitment to teach, share and practice the contents of this charter on a progressive and sustainable manner.

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