1st National Dialogue on Re-inventing our Nationhood and Formal Unveiling of SoapboxNG
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Our Stand

We acknowledge that there are deep seated and firmly rooted centrifugal issues challenging the present and future of Nigeria.

We believe that in spite of her numerous shortcomings Nigeria is Great! Her people are great. Her size is great. Her population is great.

 nelsonmandela.jpgHer natural resources are great. Her multicultural nature is great. Her location is great! Regretably, her leadership and followership, have to a large extent marred its promises and tarred its future.

Nevertheless, we must not keep quiet, we must not rest, we must not despair, until we see to it that this sleeping giant is awakened, made conscious, risen, and galvanised to take her place of beauty, honour and true prosperity. Joyfully, only we as Nigerians are in a position of achieving the Nigeria’s greatness.

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